General Qualifications

What is LAMSTONE ?

Lamstone is a outdoor wood floorıng, consist of 100% natural wood and granite, fixet to each other  with a special technic.

With the 5 mm thickness of the wood surface and   11 mm thickness of the  basement , it shines wonderfull on the outdoor floor. With its  spectacular image and durability, Lamstone is  an non-alternative product of  the wood flooring sector.

Lamstone can be used on the outdoor- and wet floor , is 100% waterproof, non-smell product, can be cleaned with water and detergent .

On the terrace  floor , on the bathroom floor or on the shower floor, wherever you use it, with Lamstone no problem.

Lamstone Technical Qualifications

Area of use : pool area, terrace floors, café-restaurant floors inside outside..

Size of each plate :

60 x 60 cm or

60 x 120 cm


Used wood products :

Burma Teak



Width of each wood on each plate :

Burma Teak  : 4,5 cm

Iroco  : 9 cm

On each plate, wood pieces connected to each other with Würth or  Sıka DCI 290 Marıne Concept.

Surface : 100 % natural wood

Basement : 11 mm granite

Total thickness : 16 mm

Polishment: teak oil


Lamstone Laying & Maintenance

Must be used on a clean and flat floor .

Laying procedure same as by the granite .

Laying materials  : Würth or  Sıka DCI 290 Marıne Concept.

Use a thin scrape ,  as a finish  use a teak oil  on the surface.


Advantages compared to other outdoor wood flooring products

The alternative outdoor products  need a metal or wood construction ,  but Lamstone  can be pasted directly on  a flat clean concrete floor.