LAZOLİNİ LAMSTONE Products in Middle-East, Russia, Africa, Asia and USD.

All the LAZOLİNİ LAMSTONE raw materials such as A+ quality woods,100% waterproof  plywood, varnishes, adhesive materials, etc. being imported from various countries and combined in Turkey at the  factory in Muğla  , using  new generation technologies.

So, LAZOLİNİ Parquet and Lamstone are  made in Turkey  wood flooring systems.

Our aim and principle is to produce most durable, unique, handmade  and  boutique  wood floorings in Turkey and sell them not only in Turkey but also  to the whole world.

After a long experience in the parquet sector in Germany the time came to transfer this experiences and make an innovation through the world, creating a new technology ,  combining  different best quality products to each other so that a high-comfort parquet and Lamstone ,  new generation wood flooring systems  came to the wood  sector.

Our brand name LAZOLİNİ  registered since 2011 .